Essentials of Modern Chinese History : 1800 to the Present

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The Concise, Comprehensive Guide to the Modern Chinese Nation This new single-volume reference on the modern Chinese nation deftly chronicles the broad expanse of Chinese history surveying not only this superpower's complex culture and politics but the numerous societal revolutions that transformed a pre-industrial nation into a superpower. Here is an informative and fascinating account that begins with Imperial China and leads into the Opium War, the Taiping Uprising, the Civil War and the Communist Victory, Mao's Socialist Transformation, and many other political, economic and social events critical to understanding modern China. Writing about the most current information gathered from years of study and research, Dr. E. Leung offers a fresh and compelling approach to the history of today's China. This handy pocket guide is the essential reference for any student or enthusiast of modern China.
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AUTHOR Pak-Wah Leung
FILENAME Essentials of Modern Chinese History : 1800 to the Present.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 02 Aug 2005

Islamic world - Islamic history from 1683 to the present ...

Provide the Student Edition written at a lower reading level with the Reading Essentials and Study Guide. Combined with the world history audio program, the guide is a powerful tool for struggling readers.

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Islamic history from 1683 to the present: reform, dependency, and recovery. The history of modern Islam has often been explained in terms of the impact of "the West." From this perspective the 18th century was a period of degeneration and a prelude to European domination, symbolized by Napoleon I's conquest of Egypt in 1798.


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