Large Family Mothering : Building Your Home One Piece at a Time

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Your home is like a puzzle. All the many different pieces come together to form the perfect picture. Running a home effectively is the same concept as building a puzzle. It takes time, persistence, and it takes having a plan. After having ten babies, I have had my chance to either fail as a homemaker or make my home a peaceful haven that we enjoyed being part of. It never "just happened," I had to work at it. This book is for those looking for an easier, plain approach to homemaking. It will give you a practical step by step plan for every area and system in running your home. This works whether you are a new bride just starting out or you are about to have your 15th child! Take the easy, simple approach to homemaking and build it piece by piece.
A homeschooling mom of 11 shares thoughts on having a large family, home schooling, managing a home, parenting and living frugally. ... is the one piece flexi-clip ... Large Family Mothering : Building Your Home One Piece at a Time Image
AUTHOR Amy Maryon
FILENAME Large Family Mothering : Building Your Home One Piece at a Time.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Mar 2017

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