Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang (2nd Edition)

Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang (2nd Edition) is a great book. This book is written by author Michael Mark Woolfson. You can read the Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang (2nd Edition) book on our website astrosadventuresbookclub.com in any convenient format!
The three greatest scientific mysteries, which remain poorly understood, are the origin of the universe, the origin of life and the development of consciousness. This book describes the processes preceding the Big Bang, the creation of matter, the concentration of that matter into stars and planets, the development of simple life forms and the theory of evolution that has given higher life forms, including mankind.There are many popular and excellent science books that present various aspects of science. However, this book follows a narrow scientific pathway from the Big Bang to mankind, and depicts the causal relationship between each step and the next. The science covered will be enough to satisfy most readers. Many important areas of science are dealt with, and these include cosmology, particle physics, atomic physics, galaxy and star formation, planet formation and aspects of evolution. The necessary science is described in a narrative form that general-interest readers should understand, without the use of equations or formulae.This 2nd edition includes several updates on the subjects that form the pillars of this book. They are: cosmology and astronomy, the features and formation of the solar system, the origin of life, and genetics and evolution. This book will appeal to readers with an interest in biology and those curious about the origins of the universe.
First, space is expanding from a Big Bang; second, space and time can tie themselves into contorted knots called "black holes" where time actually comes to a halt; third, space itself contains some kind of energy that is pull-
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AUTHOR Michael Mark Woolfson
FILENAME Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang (2nd Edition).pdf
PUBLISH DATE 19 Feb 2013

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The big bang produced hydrogen and helium, but most of the heavier elements are created only by the thermonuclear fusion reactions in stars, so they would not have been present before the first ...

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Starting with the creation of space and time known as the Big Bang the book traces causally related steps through the formation of matter, of stars and planets, the Earth itself, the evolution of the Earths surface and atmosphere, and then through to the beginnings of life and the evolution of man.


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